Richa Prakashan
(Publishers of Spiritual & Religious books in
Roman English for the Quality-Conscious NRIs & PIOs)
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About Us

‘Richa Prakashan’ primarily serves the interests of NRIs and Peoples of Indian Origin (PIOs). It publishes books and journals that deal with the Trinity of Mind, Body & Spirit - subjects like Indian Mythology, Spirituality, Philosophy, Yoga and others.

The organization is a sister concern of ‘Gupta Prakashan Pvt.Ltd.’ - almost half a decade old company that serves the Indian Education system with its simple and graded educational textbooks developed by a team of principals and scholars.

Mr.Gupta, the founder of ‘Richa Prakashan’, on his various visits abroad noted that the younger generation of PIOs did not show much interest in reading our scriptures. Though they actively helped in every way to organize a religious gathering and had learnt to recite the text orally through continuous chanting at such various religious gatherings, there wasn’t a conscious effort to read the text or understand it. The root cause was identified as their lack of the language in reading the original text in such scriptures.

Further, while they are well conversant in the language of their ‘Homeland’, ‘Motherland’ languages were a great constraint since the language had almost disappeared with the elderly generation. This restraining factor led to their disinterest in reading such scriptures.

Noting so, Mr.Gupta made a beginning with the Bhagavad Gita wherein 'Romanization' was introduced. This system helped the young PIOs to overcome language constraints. The original Hindi/Sanskrit text was Romanized for a young reader’s ease. Considering the international audience, he ensured that the quality of publication was very high while pricing it reasonably. The book met with a huge success and encouraged the management to pursue greater in the field.

Gradually, with demand and help of NGOs in specific countries, more and more books were developed with Roman letters in them so as to cater to the resident PIO population. Organization’s success could be seen in the younger PIOs now carrying their own copy of such books. Soon, bright and colourful pictures were also introduced to retain a very young reader’s interest in the book.

The management now ventured into the unfound territory of Regional Indian languages like Tamil, Bangla, and local International languages like Dutch, French, etc. to cater to specific demographics of the PIO population. The efforts reaped huge benefits and opened up avenues for more such books in more other languages too.

The God-fearing management ensured to offer substantial discounts or customizations to those who wished to donate/distribute its publications so as to encourage reading of the holy texts on a large scale.

With his quality products selling across the world, Mr.Gupta was now inundated with offers by authors, institutions, individuals, organizations, NGOs and many others to print their material and supply. They knew that the cost advantage to print their product from India would be in their benefit. Mr.Gupta also left no stone unturned to meet the expectations of such inquiries with high quality supplies of calendars, diaries, brochures, visiting cards, magazines, reports, customized books and many such items exactly as per the vendor’s requirements.

Soon, priests wish to import good quality puja and allied items from India. The priests, who were already cheated by other Indian suppliers, found solace in quality items supplied by ‘Richa Prakashan’.

Today, the organization humbly boasts of supplying its publications and many other allied items across the world and continues to look for greater avenues to serve fellow brothers and sisters everywhere.